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RPG Kitchen

Website for creating and playing RPGs, with proceeds going to help feed the hungry.


Our mission is to help people create, share and play RPGs and use the proceeds to help feed the hungry.

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Machine Learning VS Slavery

Using machine-learning and big data to disrupt Human Trafficking


Using machine learning and big data to disrupt human trafficking. People are sold online everyday. Can we track it? Can we stop it?

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My Bright World

Building a charity-focused app


A game encouraging players to be kind and get involved in community/ charitable events.

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Throttle and Zest

A weekly podcast from Phil Byrne and Jo Harrison Once a month, Jo and I go through our new favourite apps that are making a difference to our daily lives in web marketing and online business. In this month’s episode, Jo reviews Throttle, an email productivity tool, and Zest, a content marketing and management app. […]

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