We ain’t selling desks …


We ain’t selling desks.

‘But you’re running a coworking space!’ I can hear you say.

I am not a fan of selling anything, to be honest, we are all a little tired of being sold to. Not selling, is the new selling, see my earlier piece on this in the notes below.

So I have a space full of desks, but selling you one is not my business. I am not interested in people who just need a desk to work from.

‘What!! have you lost the plot Philip?’ is again screaming out in your heads as you read this.

See the thing is, we all have a desk, either at home, in the library, at the park, in a coffee shop, and so on.

People don’t buy cars for the steering wheel, even though you can’t get very far without one in the car, well not without hitting things you can’t.

If all that coworking can offer is a desk, then that is not coworking it is furniture sales or real estate.

If you are a freelancer the challenge is not finding a desk, you have one at home. The challenge is where to find inspiration to focus on work, to find other human beings to connect with, to learn something new, to find business opportunity and to find somewhere to belong to. To find a safe place to be and one where you can get support and feel comfortable to be open, vulnerable and not to be judged.

This for me is what coworking could be about, connecting, inspiring, a tribe to belong to and to be around others who we can learn from, give and receive from and be part of something that matters. An emotionally good place to be.

It is providing the right events, the right environment both physical and emotional, about attracting like-minded people who have shared values and it is about giving things that are useful to freelancers that they can not get from the desk at home, the desk in the library, the desk in the coffee shop or the desk in one the new breed of desk factories posing as coworking communities.

We could be all working alone, together, oh and we do have a desk if you need that too.

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