Throttle and Zest

A weekly podcast from Phil Byrne and Jo Harrison Once a month, Jo and I go through our new favourite apps that are making a difference to our daily lives in web marketing and online business. In this month’s episode, Jo reviews Throttle, an email productivity tool, and Zest, a content marketing and management app. […]

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How to hire a creative

I’m an animation director and much of my work lately has been to create ‘explainers’ (concise, entertaining and informative films explaining what your service offers) and other promotional visuals for businesses large and small. If you’re thinking about commissioning something of the sort or indeed any kind of innovative marketing, I’ve written some tips to […]

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What is art?

Two very different people, Diana Probst and Jacqueline Mia Monroe, have embarked on a most unusual collaboration. They’ve got people involved in questioning and exploring art by using technology, social media and their own very different artistic experiences. Diana and Jacqueline each chose a topic and held a competition for their Facebook gang to choose […]

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