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Karl GjertsenI met Pitch for People member Karl Gjertsen at a networking event a while ago and when I was looking for a way to add a membership form to a website I remembered that he’d created Infiniforms.

I’ve used a couple of web form solutions before but always like to try new things, especially if they’ve been made by somebody I’ve met, so I set up my free account and got cracking.

Well, it was faster and easier than any of the other options I’d tried and, most importantly, worked beautifully for the people joining Drive, the new networking organisation I’ve started. We had the option of asking people to fill in the form and then pay, or pay and then fill in the form. We chose the latter and even with the vagaries of Paypal it worked!

I asked Karl what inspired him to create Infiniforms and how they differ from some of the other solutions available:

“I had the privilege of being the lead software developer for Visa4UK, the U.K. governments online visa application system. I soon discovered that I couldn’t find an affordable online forms system for the secure collection of information. If the government couldn’t find a suitable system, what chance did small businesses have?

“This was the inspiration for Infiniforms, a easy to use, secure and affordable online form and data collection system for small businesses and the self employed. The aim was to make it powerful and secure, but to make sure that you didn’t need a degree in computer software to use it.

“One of the main principles for Infiniforms is that the interface has to be easy to use. Computer programmers are used to technology and know how to use its. The average self employed person doesn’t have that knowledge, so things have to be straight forward and intuitive. I have help with this, as my wife hates technology!

“Another area I want to excel in is customer service. I want Infiniforms to be approachable and to help in any way we can. I am often creating forms for users, or reviewing forms to give advice on the best way to ask questions or helping with the logical flow. Asking a question in a certain way can influence the answers you receive, and making a form overly complicated can slash your response rates and possibly damage your customers perception of you. Creating an online form, is part guesswork, part experience and part voodoo!” 
Infiniforms Karl certainly made some great suggestions to make the Drive membership form better and easier to use and we’ve been able to collect all the information we need with no ambiguous answers or queries so whether it was voodoo or not, it worked! I also like that we can customise the branding, add links to the form from many different places and that we can see all the completed forms on the Infiniforms website without needing to download or print them.

If you’ve got a need for on-line forms I recommend you give Infiniforms a try.
You can contact Karl through his Pitch for People profile. 

Author: Ann Hawkins 

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