Machine Learning VS Slavery

Using machine-learning and big data to disrupt Human Trafficking


I am one small person, who went to Estonia, for a Hackathon, where the great and good in Anti-Human Trafficking met to discuss how we could better use technology to end slavery. I led a team focused on using web scraping to find where people are bought and sold. We won. Everyone said the world needs this technology, lots of papers got excited – then nothing – all the participants flew home to every corner of Europe and went back to their day jobs, the governments didn’t fund any other projects. I now have a bunch of awesome projects to change the world for the better but I need some people who want to give it a go.

There are 27 Million people living in slavery today. That’s more than during the Atlantic-Slave Trade. We could do something about that. I really need your help.

Anyone who is interested in:

– Big Data

– Machine Learning

– Linguistics

– linguists – every European language

– Mapping

– Data scraping

– Anti-human trafficking

-Women’s Rights

– Worker’s Rights

– Charity

If you care about this. I would love to meet you. Passion and support mean everything.

Can’t wait to meet you.

Firstly my eternal gratitude and a cup of coffee, possibly a slice of cake.

Then maybe a hug, if we are on the same page.

Then possibly a chance to be in a ground breaking team.

And if I really up for it. A job saving humans.

Pretty good? No??